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Biscuits In Clothes……

Now, im not sure if you are aware, but I have suddenly developed a passion for dressing up biscuits! There is nothing I like to see more than a well-groomed, fashionable biscuit, strutting its stuff  across the work surface in my kitchen! I’m open to suggestions…………… I’m hoping to dress as many biscuits as possible as part of my new ‘Biscuits In Clothes’ collection.

Since starting this collection, I have had several messages from famous biscuits asking for fashion advice and offering their support! I even had a visit from a Jaffa Cake wearing a kilt the other day…… he said it was in honour of the collection!! Love it!!


Here are the Crumpet Sisters during their Summer Tour………………

Crumpet Sisters

Crumpet Sisters like to act real crazy,

Sleep all day cause they’re fucking lazy,

Sleep if you wanna, sleep if you gotta,

Either way we’re gonna have a party now without ya….

Down some cider and some amaretto,

Mix it all up and you will get real blotto,

Puke if you wanna, puke if you gotta,

Either way we gonna have a party now without ya!

Well, I have finally set up my very own blog…… I feel like a proper adult now! Ive decided to share some of my poems and thoughts with you all as the endless scraps of paper are becoming a fire hazard! I hope you enjoy!